The Zanzibar Collection


Our collection of four award-winning resorts, which our family has developed over a 25-year love affair with Zanzibar, epitomizes the Zanzibar experience. Subtly differentiated in design and leisure profile to appeal to families and couples alike, the collection offers a price bracket and profile for everyone. Every unit, however, is uncompromising in its delivery of optimum service, unmatched cuisine, intimacy of surroundings and breadth of authentic Zanzibari experiences. Thanks to our commitment to the island, our hotels have come to represent the benchmark for excellence throughout East Africa while our ‘green credentials’, in terms of sustainable tourism, local community interaction and environmental respect also exceed world norms.

Our Conception of Social Responsibility

We are committed to employing local people wherever possible and we invest heavily in ensuring optimum staff-training and family welfare. We’re proud to say that most of our managers have worked their way through the ranks: and we’ve supported them by means of an extensive programme of training that has ensured them a career for life in the tourism industry. We also devote substantial support to our local community in terms of health, sanitation and educational infrastructure. Similarly, we purchase fresh produce from the local farmers and fishermen daily. We’re delighted to say that we support local craftsmen and artisans in our interior design and refurbishment. We also market our own range of Palacina Interior Design, much of which is produced in Zanzibar.  Our insistence on the use of solar power, rigorous energy-saving, minimal plastics use, organic gardening, general-waste and water-recycling and meticulous marine environmental protection have also ensured that our green credentials are exemplary.  Finally, the fact that we were the first people to install electricity in our area has contributed immeasurably to its development; as has our investment in the area as a whole.

Sustainable Sanitation

The Zanzibar Collection has implemented its own state-of-the-art sewage-treatment plant where both black and grey water is recycled into an irrigation system that serves our extensive gardens. Here too, we plant only indigenous species, which are chosen for their ability to absorb humidity during the day and release it into the roots at night. This results in a reduction of over 50% in our use of precious water. Our hotels also adhere to a stringent policy of laundry/bathroom water-use minimization.

Target – Zero Plastic Use

We’re committed to the eradication of plastic wherever possible and to this end we use recyclable cardboard and paper for all our catering needs. We’re similarly committed to the use of glass bottles rather than plastic and provide water for re-usable containers in all our units. Finally, any single-use plastic containers that are still in use are immediately recycled either into plant pots or into construction materials.

Green ID

The artefacts and furnishings so characteristic of The Zanzibar Collection are hand-crafted by local artisans, thus celebrating and preserving the heritage of centuries and providing valuable income for the local community. Wherever possible we create our distinctive ‘look’ by using upcycled locally sourced/reclaimed materials.

Clever Purchasing, Conscious Sustainability

We purchase locally wherever feasible and thus support a wide range of local farmers, fishermen and artisans. We also buy seasonally and organically and maintain our own grounds and vegetable gardens on organic principles. All our menus are planned with the reduction of airmiles in mind; and according to the most stringent nutritional standards. Wherever possible, our menus reflect the authentic heritage of the region while our methods preserve local skills and customs.

Planet-Caring Activities

All our leisure activities adhere to the principals of social responsibility and environmental protection. Our support of local villages promotes their development as does our patronage of numerous local environmental programmes. We are also dedicated to the preservation of Zanzibar’s ancient heritage by means of our classes in cookery, palm-weaving, Swahili and Bao while our library celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the archipelago.

Marine Conservation

Our dedicated marine biologist ensures the well-being of our delicate tidal ecosystem as well as providing educational workshops for all our staff. Guests are welcome to join the workshops; we also promote such things as reef walks, diving and snorkeling – all of which activities are managed according to the most stringent environmental rules.

Family and Children

As a close-knit family ourselves, we are delighted to ensure a family-friendly environment as well as a wide range of ‘edutainment’. We provide baby cots/chairs, additional beds for children, children’s mealtimes and leisure options to include: guided reef walks, children’s watersports, beach volleyball, sandcastle-building, Swahili lessons, cookery workshops, palm-weaving and palm-tree climbing for kids plus tours of the Jozani Forest, Stone Town and the Spice Plantations. Additionally, families can go for a bike ride, learn to kite surf, kayak, windsurf and dive. We can also arrange family-oriented visits to the local village and school.

Our Spas

Our Frangipani Spas are inspired by local medicinal plants and products. Our scrubs and body treatments are hand-made and use locally produced coconuts, fruits, spices and fragrances. All our treatments are free of harmful chemicals and marine-detrimental plastics.

Our Future… Intertwined with that of the Planet

Our business is built on a firm foundation of conscious commitment to social, economic and environmental responsibility. We believe in the precept that the provision of ‘luxury with a conscience’ promotes the longevity of our planet and the well-being of people alike. And we remain dedicated to the adoption of only environmentally- and community-supportive polices and implementations in the future.


The Zanzibar Collection

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