THE FANTASTICAL FOUR -  Spear's pays us a visit!

THE FANTASTICAL FOUR - Spear's pays us a visit!

26th January 2018

Much like the Indian Ocean island that they inhabit, The Zanzibar Collection’s quartet of idyllic hotels have an ethereal quality that makes you believe that they can’t quite be real — but they most certainly are LIKE TIMBUKTU OR CASABLANCA, Zanzibar is a place the very sound of which causes people, and not only the nostalgically disposed, to swoon, as though it were literally mythical, another Arcadia or elysium, perhaps. But it really does exist. ‘everyone loves Zanzibar, not just the Aga Khan,’ says Amer Amer Bindu, smiling proudly to expose his three teeth (one on top, two on the bottom). Beekeeper by day (which may explain the teeth), Bindu moonlights as the resident ‘storyteller’ at the four luxury hotels which make up the Zanzibar Collection. Anyone from anywhere can acclimatise to life on Zanzibar, says Bindu, because the sun is always shining, the air is fresh and the water clean and tasty. Download The Spear's Travel Guide here.

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